Legal Counsellor Of The Ventriglias, Sakibwa Sikota, Suspected Of Money Laundering

It is a well-known fact that the government of Zambia is filled with corrupt politicians and officials who continuously prevent the government from making positive changes for the nation and bring social and economic development for its citizens. The Zambian citizens were recently shocked by the announcement made by FIC (Financial Intelligence Centre), an intelligence agency. As per the report released by FIC, many top lawyers, prominent legal counsellors, contractors and officials working with the government and even some ministers were engaged in money laundering activities for many years. Along with this news, FIC also released a list of names.

Money Laundering

Some of the high profile names included in the list was of Minister Chitotela who is the ex-Energy Minister & Minister Yaluma who is the Ex-Minister of Mines. Apart from that, some other prominent names were Dora Siliya and Jean Kapata. It was found that majority of these individuals were laundering money for President Edgar Lungu, who is notorious for his dictatorship-like activities across Zambia. One of the lawyers, Masozi M. Banda, even confronted that the money was laundered for the President. These names and the confrontations clearly indicate the mass corruption going on at highest levels of the Zambian government.

Another name which caught the attention of many was of Sakwiba Sikota, the owner of law agency Central Chambers. He is more noted for his relationship with the Ventriglias as their long-term legal counsellor. Sikota’s name in the list is expected as he is known to involve in unlawful activities to make things happen for Ventriglias. Sikota has been handling majority of the cases for Ventriglias, including that of Zambezi Portland Cement against Dr. Mahtani. Those following the case know for a fact that the factory legally belongs to Dr. Mahtani and has been taken by the Ventriglias forcefully. Once the results from the money laundering investigation completes, it is expected that all those found guilty of this crime will be indicted by the government.

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