Zambezi Portland Cement

Zambezi Portland Cement- Dr. Mahtani’s Newest line of Business

Dr. Rajan Mahtani is truly a man of material. With stanch and profound devotion to do some good to his countrymen, especially the underprivileged folk of the society, Dr. Mahtani has always taken significant measures. Whether it is about creating employment or implementing the financial plans for the disadvantaged folks of the country, Dr. Mahtani has always played the pivotal role. The Mahtani Groups of companies have always been in the forefront to contribute to the economy of the country. Of late, the groups of companies have made substantial investment in the cement industry. Zambezi Portland Cement is their newest line of business, which was slated to start production from May 2013 in Ndola.

Dr. Mahtani, the chairman of the Mahtani Groups of companies revealed that the factors, which were actually hindering the commencement of the operations are resolved. It has also speed up the process. According to him, his new cement plant will not only create significant competition in the industry itself, but will also create employment. After all, his sole aim is to contribute to the socio-economic development of Zambia.

As far as the operations of the organization are concerned, they have lately signed the deal with the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa for the construction of a multi-specialty hospital in Lusaka. In this project they are collaborating the Morning Side clinic of South Africa. According to Dr. Mahtani, the project will cost K250 trillion approximately. The sole objective for investing in this project is to help Zambians get quality medical requirements and that too with humanity.

The newest line of business Zambezi Portland cement is also reportedly signed the deal with Group 5 of South Africa for a construction project of building over 3,000 houses in Lusaka. This project is essentially focused on the benefits of the civil servants on request of President Banda’s request. According to Dr. Mahtani, the project will cost about K750 billion.

Zambezi Portland Cement is also anticipated to complete a construction of a shopping mall in the same city by next year only. The shopping mall is reportedly going to be featured with all modern day amenities, such as cinemas and other social amenities.

Apart from the Zambezi Portland Cement, the Mahtani Groups of Industries is operating with its four other wings lately. This includes, Finance Bank, Finance Building Society Professional Insurance and Professional Life Assurance.

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