Former Chairman Finance Bank Zambia

New Chairman of Finance Bank Zambia 2015

On 02 June 2015, Dr. Rajan Mahtani became the Former Chairman Finance Bank Zambia by handling over the responsibilities to Mr William Boli Nyirenda.

Finance Bank Zambia and CURE- What’s the Scenario Today

The name of Finance Bank Zambia is not only popular in the country itself, rather its popularity was encompassing across the world by now. Not only does it bring financial plans that could contribute to the country’s economy, but also at the same time support the NGOs like CURE to help develop the socio-economic scenario of the country.

Unlike the other third world countries, the socio-economic condition of Zambia is terribly miserable. As far as the development (socio-economic) is concerned, the country has hardly made any significant improvement. NGO’s like CURE are taking proactive steps to initiate several projects for the overall development of the society.

Eight years before, when CURE approached the Finance Bank Zambia for financial assistance for setting up a specialty teaching hospital, it was Dr. Mahtani, who came in the forefront to offer his helping hands. Needless to say, the relationship has grown strong over the years and the memorable support rendered by Dr. Mahtani throughout the period is highly commendable.

The establishment of the hospital, while offering financial services was not the only step CURE has taken in collaboration with FBZ. Finance Bank Zambia had also adopted significant measures by celebrating CURE’s arrival and sponsoring the catering needs on the official opening ceremony at the hospital.

As of now, especially after the post-possession period, the relationship between FBZ and CURE is still strong. During the survival stage, FBZ has once again recognized CURE’s need for local financial support. This kind of gesture is truly expected from a man of ingrained morality like Dr. Mahtani. During the economic downturn especially when the corporate entities are supporting popular and lucrative causes, FBZ has the courage to get itself alienated from the crowd. Instead, he traversed a different road and choose to deviate from the norm. Even during the post possession period, when the bank was suffering from financial shortage, he donated $50,000 towards the treatment of poor children with disabling conditions.

As said by Dr. Mahtani, “Sometimes, when we are engulfed in our day to day demands, we forget that there are spiritually wounded and physically challenged people out there. CURE’s cause was a reminder of how blessed we are and how vital it is for those who are able to give a helping hand to those who find it hard to walk the journey of life”.

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