Dr Rajan Mahtani Contributions

Dr Rajan Mahtani and His Contributions

Dr Rajan Mahtani is a great businessman in Zambia. He has never been involved in any criminal activities or money laundering acts. Some people are actually publishing false stories about him just to tarnish his reputation nationally and internationally. These people don’t realize the harm they are doing to the nation.

A number of times it has been found out that people like Jere, Sakala, Antonio Ventriglia and many others are involved in damaging Dr. Mahtani’s reputation in the country. Zambian Intelligence News (ZIN) has found out several times that Rajan Mahtani is innocent. He is the man who has devoted his entire life to the well being of the country and its people.

People who are not aware of Rajan Mahtani’s great contributions to the country should know that he is called the Hero of Zambia. Given below is the reason why he is called so. Read them:

Provided Zambians with clean and safe drinking water

Recently, Finance Bank Zambia under the chairmanship of Dr Rajan Mahtani joined hands with World Vision Zambia to help the Zambians get an access to clean and safe drinking water. 11 boreholes were drilled in several districts where clean water access was difficult. This enhanced the lifestyle of the Zambians especially the women.The women nowadays can save a lot of their time and energy by not walking a long way for fetching water from the pond. Before, they usually had to walk a long way to fetch the drinking water from the pond, which was not clean and people quite often used to suffer from waterborne diseases by drinking that dirty water. And the worst part was the women who were mainly engaged in fetching water had to compete with the animals to get it; whoever went first got unstirred water. They had a pathetic life, but now with the efforts of Dr. Mahtani and the director of World Vision the condition has improved. 537 households have been benefiting from the Mukango Water project.

Donated Rusangu University an ICT lab

One of the Mahtani Group of Companies— the Professional Insurance Corporation Zambia Ltd, under the chairmanship of Dr. Rajan Mahtani donated a modern computer science lab (ICT lab) to the Rusangu University, Monze. The lab was worth K212 000. PICZ did all this for the education development of the country. By helping the University in its science building project, the great businessman had made a special place in the heart of the Zambians.

Took Finance Bank Zambia to a new height

The Finance Bank Zambia was under a possession period during the time of Rupiah Banda government. It was grabbed by the government and was sold to FirstRand at only K27 billion. The jobs of thousands of employees were under threat. It was only after President Michael Sata came to the administration, Dr. Mahtani got back the bank. After the bank was handed over to him, he felt secure about the employment opportunities. He even took proactive measures to take the bank to a new height. Today, the bank is the leading commercial indigenous bank in the nation and all this has been possible for Rajan Mahtani.

A man who thinks so much for the people and the nation can never be a fraudster.

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