Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank


Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank- A Cherished Relationship

Life never ceases to pose challenges and seldom do we have the courage to fight back. But, the story is somewhat different when it comes to Dr. Rajan Mahtani. A man of high morality and ingrained principles, Dr. Mahtani will always be the guiding light of the Finance Bank Zambia. Needless to say, the Finance Bank has gone through real tough times, following the alleged forgery brought by the Rupiah Banda Administration. The condition seemed to be worse with the anticipated possession of the bank following this incident. Nevertheless, the brand never loses its ground and still stand strong. Despite all these obstacles, the Finance Bank Zambia catches the right pace of development in the following years and the man who steered it all the way to a successful direction is Dr. Rajan Lekhraj Mahtani.

Operating since last 26 years and being a key player of the financial scenario of Zambia, Finance Bank was under a real setback during the possession period. Following the accession of the Patriotic Government, when the bank was handed over to its rightful owners, the Finance Bank with all its zest again become a key player of the financial picture of the country.

To regain the lost glory and introduce a consistent path of development, Dr. Rajan Mahtani, the then chairman of the institution adopted several proactive steps. To speed up the process, he started off with the erstwhile financial plans and emphasized on procuring the debts from the defaulters. The efforts truly brought in results in due course, and finally by 2012, the bank has reportedly recorded a substantial growth rate. What’s more! The Bank has paid a significant amount of KR19.862 million to the treasury in 2011 and KR24.970 million in 2012.

The unwavering devotion of the shareholders and the chairman in particular was the sole guiding force that helped the Finance Bank to retain its strong position despite undergoing the obstacles posed by the ‘possession period’.

For Dr. Mahtani, taking the bank to its former position and regaining its lost status was never so easy. At present, the bank regained its position as the leading indigenous bank of the country. Not only the bank scored a net profit of KR51.063 million, but has also retained the employment opportunity as it did before.

Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank Zambia are like two distinct identity with a single soul.

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