Conspirators More Cautious After Latest SC Win By Dr. Mahtani

For the past few days, there has not been any big defamatory campaign or negative media regarding Dr. Mahtani or his associate firms. The reason can be attributed to his recent win over Simaata Simaata at the Supreme Court of Zambia. This win has certainly made most of his conspirators cautious of the risks. Before publishing any fake news or defamatory campaigns, conspirators will now have to check the risks of backfiring from media, general people as well as courts.

Dr. Mahtani & Zambia Reports

As per the evidences, it was found that across various occasions as well as without any outside force, Simaata has provided testimonials against Dr. Rajan Mahtani and Finance Bank. These testimonials were for various cases which resulted in significant negative news pertaining to the Bank & Dr. Mahtani for that period of time. It should be noted here that Simaata is an ex-employee for the same bank and was ousted for involving in unethical practices. His further violation of the contract was made when he released various portions of the statements to a daily newspaper. As per the agreement, these statements were strictly confidential and not to be released to any third party. These activities and the subsequent repercussions forced the bank to sue Simaata, as this was the only way to make him stop.

Simaata had entered this agreement willingly and was paid a good amount for signing the agreement too. However, when he did not keep his promise, the matter was taken to the Supreme Court. Simaata made his defence by saying that he disclosed the agreement as it was his right to testify as a Zambian citizen. However, the court discredited this defence by saying that he clearly violated the agreement terms and was not forced to testify either by court or by any other person.

Simaata has eventually lost this case and will be paying fine for his activities. He has also been warned by the court not to be engaged in these acts in near future.

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