Simaata Tries To Save His Image At Supreme Court, Fails

Nowadays, it has become an extremely suitable strategy for people for shift attention towards others when they find themselves in compromising situations. Take the example of Simaata Simaata, one of the most notorious personalities across Zambia. Simaata was once employed with Finance Bank Zambia. However, his continued involved in various unethical practices even after various warnings from the bank lead to his ouster. Instead of focussing on changing his habits and focussing on becoming a better individual, he started spreading rumors regarding the bank at started damaging the reputation of the bank.

Simaata Simaata

Simaata Simaata is among one of the conspirators of Finance Bank Zambia and Dr. Rajan Mahtani. Many other conspirators have tried to defame Dr. Rajan Mahtani over the years, but have failed miserably. The main reason was being lack of proper evidence or facts to prove their claims. When the news of Finance Bank Zambia and Dr. Mahtani being accused of fraud by Simaata was promoted, many other conspirators took the opportunity and started adding more accusations on the bank and Dr. Mahtani as well. The game plan of these conspirators has always been the same; focussing on other innocent and honest businessman and keep themselves as well as their illegal businesses intact.

Zambia has always been silently destroyed by these conspirators. By spreading false rumors, these people do nothing but interrupt the day-to-day activities of organizations and people. Simaata’s actions against Finance Bank Zambia were a clear violation of the agreement terms between him and the bank. As a result, Finance Bank launched a case against Simaata at the Supreme Court Zambia. While Simaata tried hard to prove his case and his innocence, it was clear that the facts and evidence did not support his innocence. Thereby, the judges’ final verdict was that Simaata did break the agreement terms and was guilty of the charged. He was also awarded a penalty in terms of monetary fine.

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