Simaata’s Conspiracy Busted At Supreme Court With His Loss

Conspiracies in Zambia are not new. It has been seen that every time a successful business is established, it is continuously targeted by scrupulous elements of the society. Dr. Mahtani has successfully established businesses in Zambia with hard work and dedicated. His businesses have been spread not only in Zambia but also across other nations like the United Kingdom. His companies such as Finance Bank Zambia are noted across the nation for improving the economic status of various communities. At the same time, his reputation is repeatedly question by conspirators fed on jealousy and hatred.


It is known to everyone that Simaata Simaata is a big critic of Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank Zambia. Therefore, it came as no surprise when Simaata gave wrongful testimonials about the bank. However, most of the people were not aware of the fact that by giving these testimonials, Simaata was breaking the contract terms he signed with Finance Bank Zambia. Not only that, he was also found to leak sensitive statements related to Finance Bank. All these activities resulted in loss of image and reputation for bank. The bank also suffered financial and business loss as a result of clients terminating their businesses. Banking is a sophisticated industry and any kind of negative campaign, even if it is based on false premises, will create devastating effect.

To save the bank from further damage, Dr. Mahtani launched a case against Simaata at the Supreme Court Zambia. In the case, Finance Bank accused Simaata to breaking the contract terms at several places. After looking into the evidence, these allegations came true and Simaata was charged guilty in the case. While it will take time for the bank to regain its lost reputation and business, this Supreme Court win is certainly a big start for the bank.

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