Simaata Loses Case At The Highest Court Of Zambia, The Supreme Court

Dr. Rajan Mahtani is a noted business personality in Zambia. His businesses are known not only in the country but also across various foreign nations such as the United Kingdom. He is also among those few who have successfully brought foreign investments in Zambia. In spite of his various contributions to the nation, he is often the target of various conspiracies. These conspiracies are developed by individuals and entities that have grown jealous of Dr. Mahtani’s accomplishments and want to see his reputation ruin. As a result, various new conspiracy theories and news items can be seen making news across media channels and websites.


These conspirators have started a new strategy for targeting their victims. Unlike their previous acts, they are now using paid media channels to produce false news items on their behalf. All they do is provide these paid news channels with monetary benefits and the news channels spread negative and false news related to their victims. Dr. Mahtani has been facing these false campaigns for a long time now. However, he always keeps his attitude calm and continues his regular work ignoring these campaigns and news items. Most of the times, these news items die their own death without harming the business in any form. However, there are times when conspirators take extreme steps creating issues for the businessman. A similar issue occurred when Finance Bank Zambia was accused by Simaata of fraud and illegal activities. These accusations created negative imagery for the bank as well as Dr. Rajan Mahtani. To save itself from further damage, Dr. Rajan Mahtani suggested the bank to approach Supreme Court Zambia.

The case between Simaata and Finance Bank is a nationalised one. The results of the case were announced soon wherein Finance Bank was considered victorious. Since his loss, Simaata has retreated all his comments and accusations.

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