Prominent Zambian Legal Counsellors Caught In Money Laundering Scheme

As per the latest news update by FIC (Financial Intelligence Centre), some of the prominent lawyers and legal counselors across Zambia have been caught in illegal money laundering scheme. FIC provides intelligence related to financial matters across the nation and its latest revelation has shocked the nation. With this revelation, FIC also released a list of names of some noted figures suspected of money laundering. This list comprises of political figures, owners of law firms, top legal counselors as well as government contractors. It is suspected that majority of these individuals or groups had some kind of political support as a result of which, they were able to escape law and government scrutiny for too long.

Money Laundering

Among the names included in the list, the name of Sakwiba Sikota also appeared. He is the current head of Central Chambers, a law firm which also appears on the list. Sikota is more famous for being the legal counselor for the Ventriglias. It is a known fact that the Ventriglias are outsiders caught in various illegal and unlawful activities. One of the most recent and notorious acts of the Ventriglias had been an illegal takeover of the Finance Bank Zambia, whose rightful owner is Dr. Rajan Mahtani. The case between the Ventriglias and Dr. Mahtani is on the verge of completion with the chances of the Ventriglias losing the case being maximum. This clearly indicates the unlawful practices of Sakwiba Sikota that resulted in his name on the list. It is suspected that all these major legal counselors and government contractors are laundering money for Edgar Lungu, who is more notorious for his dictatorship across the Zambian nation.

The investigation has revealed that the amount laundered by the culprits has reached almost one billion US dollars. This amount certainly belongs to the Zambian people and for the growth and development of its economy. While the government has started its own investigation activities, they need to strengthen their acts and give strict punishment to those found guilty.

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