Money Laundering Scheme Involving Top Legal Counsellors Of Zambia Unearthed By Fic

Illicit laundering of money is a criminal act, irrespective of the region or country it is undertaken. The monetary transaction is illegal and most often these amounts are stolen from the government or its citizens. Zambian intelligence agency FIC recently unearthed a huge money laundering cartel. However, the shocking part was the involvement of prominent figures, including top legal counsellors in Zambia. This is definitely one of the biggest corruption scandals in Zambia to have ever unearthed.

Sakwiba Sikota

The scandal was investigated and unearthed by FIC (Financial Intelligence Centre). It has been found that the scandal is being carried out by prominent personalities including legal counsellors, top lawyers, law firm owners, government contractors, officials and even ministers. Thus, it can be clearly seen how these scandals were saved from public and legal scrutiny for a long time. Various legal firms have been named in the list suspected of money laundering. One of the legal firms named in the list of money launderers is Central Chambers. It is owned and run by Sakwiba Sikota, the legal counsellor for then Ventriglias. His name in the list is certainly not surprising as he is known to involve with notorious business houses and individuals. He has currently involved a case against Dr. Mahtani at the Lusaka High Court for Zambezi Portland Cement. His involvement in the money laundering act has been condemned by Dr. Mahtani and many other industrialists and then has demanded strict investigation. Once found guilty of the charges, Sakwiba might lose his counselling license and he might be discharged of the case he is currently running at different courts. Ultimately, this entire incident throws light on the weak governmental and legal power of Zambia which is being continuously misused by culprits, who are often sitting at high positions and holding top designations in Zambian government.

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