Simaata’s Loss As Supreme Court Is A Win For Entire Zambia

Zambia has come a long way from being an underdeveloped nation. It is growing as a fast rate, showing signs of development in its economy and society. It has been possible with the dedication of government as well as individuals and entities that think of the nation first before their profits. Dr. Rajan Mahtani can be easily considered as among these businessmen. His institutions like Finance Bank Zambia and Portland Cement have not only provided employment opportunities for hundreds of people, but also helped in improving the economy of various provinces. Among these, Finance Bank Zambia is known to be one of the most respected banks across Zambia, with a clean and highly reputable image.

Dr. Rajan Mahtani

Therefore, it came as a complete shock to the entire nation when Finance Bank Zambia was accused of wrongful activities by Simaata Simaata. The Bank had previously employed Simaata for a brief period. However, his unethical practices resulted in the bank ending Simaata’s employment. He further signed an agreement with the bank for which he received a good sum. However, Simaata went ahead and violated the agreement at several occasions. He gave testimonials at various courts that were defamatory in nature and cause negative reputation for the bank as well as Dr. Rajan Mahtani. He further disclosed several confidential documents to public newspapers. The only solution Finance Bank had to make Simaata stop was to sue him at the Supreme Court.

The court case went on for a while. Simaata also hired lawyers and defended himself by saying that his actions did not violate any agreement terms. However, after looking into the evidence and the facts, the Supreme Court judges found that the actions of Simaata were a clear violation of the contract he signed with Finance Bank. Simaata was charged guilty. This judgment from Supreme Court was a welcome move and appreciated by the entire nation.

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