Zambian Nation Is Suffering At The Hands Of Conspirators

The conspirators of honest businessman like Dr. Rajan Mahtani have created perfect circumstances for them by using paid media channels and goons to bent things their way. However, the biggest victims in these situations are the common people of Zambia. These people, who are not aware of the insider factors happening within the industries, are constantly bombarded with controversial and contradictory news, creating confusion and disruption. At one hand, they are well aware of the positive contributions made by Dr. Rajan Mahtani and his associations have made towards the economy and social upliftment of Zambia. On the other hand, there are frequent news and defamation campaigns accusing him of fraud and other activities. These campaigns have certainly disrupted the normal day-to-day activities of the general people of Zambia.

Dr. Rajan Mahtani

In reality, the people who conspire against businessmen for their own profits are the real traitors of the nation. While these people are first to post false rumours and fake stories, they are always the last when it comes to dealing with legal proceedings. It has been seen that many times, corrupt bureaucrats are given bribes for pulling out cases. Similarly, these people will always hide behind doors after making false accusations. When they are asked to provide proofs, they are nowhere to be seen. In the past too, many instances have been witnessed wherein these conspirators have illegally acquired or captured factors and then after looting their revenues and selling the assets, have left the factories and plants to ruin. This left many people unemployed and jobless, with no other sources to support their family.

It is time for the government to start taking tough measures and implementing them so that these conspirators of the nation think twice before damaging the economy of their nation. Only when the policies and law is made stricter and conspirators are punished, the country will show true signs of growth, economically and socially.

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