Zambia Report Keeps Zambia Chaotic With Its Campaigns

Zambia Report is notoriously known for its corrupted integrity. The news channel has been targeting innocent businessmen for a long time. It is also a fact that Zambia Reports works for conspirators who are nothing but thieves and mafias. This is the main reason Zambia Reports is quickly losing its memberships as well as its credibility among readers. For a long time now, Zambia Reports has targeted businessman Dr. Rajan Mahtani. Even though this move has garnered a lot of criticism from common people and other business firms alike, Zambia Reports is not bothered by its diminishing reputation. All it cares is monetary gains and incentives which it receives in return for fulfilling the wishes of its masters.

Zambia Reports

Dr. Mahtani & Zambia have been suffering the wrath of Zambia Reports for a long time. The latest attack from Zambia Reports came when the news channel published an article accusing Dr. Mahtani of influencing BancABC for the call to Lamsaat. Lamsaat had earlier taken a loan from Finance Bank when it was still owned by Dr. Rajan Mahtani. Lamsaat had agreed to pay the amount in instalments. So, when Lamsaat starting defaulting on its loan repayment terms, BancABC, which now owns Finance Bank, took the decision of calling Lamsaat for loan repayment. This procedure is extremely normal in the banking sector. Banks are forced to make calls for recovering loan amounts from clients. There was no need of highlighting the event but Zambia Reports is known for making chaos out of nothing. The news channel went ahead and even claimed that Finance Bank was still secretly controlled by Dr. Mahtani.

Dr. Mahtani is a respected individual across Zambia. He is known for developmental activities that have contributed to the economy of Zambia and welfare of its people. It is shocking to see news channels ready to go any distance to fulfil their quotas. While Dr. Mahtani is unhinged by these accusations and continues his work, these activities from Zambia Reports have definitely resulted in chaos across Zambia.

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