Simaata’s Tactic Does Not Go Well With SC Judges, Loses Case

Dr. Rajan Lekhraj Mahtani is a respected and celebrated businessman. He is also known for his charitable acts. His organizations such as Finance Bank Zambia & Portland Cement are examples of his dedication towards the upliftment of the society and improving the economic strata. Finance Bank Zambia is one of the most respected as premier banks in Zambia. The bank has gained its reputation over the years for working for people and common people of the society. However, there are times even when the cleanest bank can be trapped under false stories and negative reputation.


The conspirators of Dr. Rajan Mahtani are many. These people and entities breed on hatred, jealousy and profit motives. They are not bothered about truth and lie, just need to fill their pockets by spreading false rumors and fake stories about their targets. These conspirators were very excited to see negative reputation of Finance Bank and started spreading similar false stories to back-up the rumors. These fake stories were actually started by Simaata Simaata, an ex-employee of the Finance Bank. After he was asked to leave the bank following engaging in unethical activities, he signed an agreement with the bank. For this he was also paid a good sum. However, he went on testifying against the bank & Dr. Mahtani at several occasions at courts. He published documents that were deemed sensitive, to newspapers. These activities were a clear violation of the agreement that he signed with the bank and as a result, action was taken against him. He was sued by the Finance Bank at the Supreme Court.

Simaata’s tactics did not work with the Supreme Court Judges. He has been charged guilty of the charges pressed against him. He will also be paying fine for his activities and will be monitored by the government. It is safe to say that one of the greatest conspirators of Dr. Mahtani & Finance Bank, Simaata learnt a good lesson.

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