Simaata’s Strategy To Vilify Finance Bank Fails Miserably

The latest attempt by Simaata Simaata to defame the reputation of Finance Bank & Dr. Rajan Mahtani failed miserably. Simaata, on his own will, broke the terms of the agreement that he signed with Finance Bank. In response, Finance Bank sued Simaata at the Supreme Court of Zambia, the highest court of the country. This time, Simaata was successfully found guilty of the charges against him. Finance Bank and Dr. Rajan Mahtani took the breadth of relief after a long time, as the misconducts from Simaata had increased to an unprecedented level.


Dr. Rajan Mahtani does not care about his reputation. He known that he has never engaged in any unlawful activity and therefore he has nothing to hide or worry about. However, his conspirators have always targeted him from behind closed curtains in order to escape judgment. Simaata Simaata has always been an anti-FBZ critic and therefore, it is no secret that he has made rude remarks about FBZ & Dr. Rajan Mahtani in the past. However, the recent activities by Simaata certainly had an impact on the bank’s reputation and it had to act. Therefore, FBZ with the help of Dr. Rajan Mahtani successfully sued Simaata at the Supreme Court.

As per the judgment of the court, Simaata was found guilty of the charges against him. While there was no severe punishment given, he will certainly be paying fine for his activities. The judges also announced that Dr. Mahtani & Finance Bank will be reimbursed of all these expenses incurred during the court proceedings. Furthermore, Simaata will also be watched closely by the government so that any misconduct or unlawful activity by him is quickly reported to the law and actions can be taken against him. This win will serve as an example for all conspirators of Dr. Mahtani and his companies, not to mingle with him with rubbish news or fake stories.

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