SC Gives Judgement, Victory For Dr. Rajan Mahtani

Any individual or entity evading the law or involving in unlawful practices cannot escape law for long. The same has happened with disgruntled Finance Bank ex-employee Simaata Simaata. Finance Bank and Dr. Mahtani took this case that was previously filed with the High Court. After the High Court gave decision in Simaata’s favour, FBZ re-established the case, this time with Supreme Court. Needless to say, the judgement of the SC is a national news and known to everyone. Simaata was found accountable for violating the terms of the agreement. He violated these terms in-spite of receiving a good amount for keeping the contract.

Dr. Rajan-Mahtani

As per the verdict of the Supreme Court, Simaata had testified at various courts and during various occasions. He was not forced or persuaded by anyone but did so on his own. By testified against Finance Bank & Dr. Mahtani, Simaata questioned the reputation of the bank and as per FBZ’s lawyer, it caused a negative reputation for the bank. This negative reputation had the potentiality of turning into loss of revenue and clients for the bank. Not only that, Simaata also divulged many sensitive statements from his agreement to a newspaper alleging that FBZ & Dr. Mahtani have involved in various money laundering events. This testimonial was found to be detrimental to the reputation and future business of both Dr. Mahtani & Finance Bank.

When it comes to saving himself from the conspirators and taking steps for protecting his reputation and businesses, Dr. Mahtani has always resorted to activities that are under the law. Rather than resorting to hiring goons or publishing fake news in dishonest and fraudulent news portals, Dr. Rajan Mahtani pleaded the court to provide him with justice. While it was a significant win by Dr. Mahtani over his conspirators, he has a long way ahead before all his conspirators finally stop pursuing his businesses and reputation for personal gains.

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