Plot Against Finance Bank And Dr. Rajan Mahtani Busted

It is that time of the decade when the conspirators of Dr. Rajan Mahtani & Finance Bank are realizing their mistakes of constantly agonizing him and his associations. Those days are gone when conspirators had the ability to walk away easily after committing unlawful practices. With the law and government gaining strength, more and more lawmakers are tracking down people who have been evading for many years. The recent win by Finance Bank over Simaata Simaata is a clear instance that the law and order cannot be sold anymore. Entities have been plotting against Dr. Mahtani and trying to ruin his image by using scrupulous & illegal methods for a long time. However, the time has turned and it is these conspirators who are receiving the lesson for their illegal activities. It can be said that Dr. Mahtani is finally receiving the fruits for his unlimited patience.

Dr. Rajan Mahtani

The case between Finance Bank & Simaata Simaata is quite simple. Simaata is an ex-employee of Finance Bank who is notorious for his unethical activities and being overzealous. These activities resulted in his ouster from the bank. He then happily agreed to sign an agreement with Finance Bank for which he was handsomely paid. However, he breached the agreement terms by testifying against Dr. Mahtani & Finance Bank. He also published documents that were private and confidential. All these activities provided to be damaging for the bank’s reputation and in order to make all these activities stop, the bank was forced to register a case against Simaata. The case was registered at Supreme Court of Zambia, the highest court of the nation. After carefully looking at the arguments from both sides as well as the presented evidence, the judges came at the conclusion for which Finance Bank was waiting for a long time.

Simaata was proved guilty of the charges and after a long time, Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank rejoiced with this victory.

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