Dr. Rajan Mahtani & Zambia feel victimized

Both Dr. Rajan Mahtani & Zambia have been the prime target of notorious Zambia Report for more than a decade now. This has not only destroyed the reputation of Zambia Reports, but also generated lot of hatred and criticism from other news channels and common citizens alike. Most of the people of Zambia have seen the type of fake news generated by ZR and are habituated. But this does not stop Zambia Reports from publishing news articles and defamation campaigns on a regular basis.

Rajan-Mahtani-zambezi-portland-cementThe latest blow from Zambia Reports came when the news channel published an article claiming Dr. Rajan Mahtani to be the conspirator behind BancABC’s call for loan repayment to Lamsaat. Any individual with little knowledge of banking industry will immediately understand that it is a normal banking process. Whenever clients of bank default on their loan repayment process, the banks make the call for repayment. Objective is simple- either persuades the client to keep making loan amount or retrieve it by themselves. However, Zambia Reports had another plans altogether. First they highlighted the event that would have been resolved without unnecessary limelight. Second, they twisted the story and brought the name of Dr. Rajan Mahtani from nowhere. The news channel went on accusing Dr. Mahtani for this loan repayment call and also accused him of secretly controlling the Finance Bank.

The truth is, Dr. Rajan Mahtani is nowhere related to the event. Finance Bank Zambia was taken over by BancABC in 2016 and since then, all operations of the FBZ are handled by BancABC. The truth is, Dr. Rajan Mahtani is a hardworking and honest businessman and yet he is bullied and targeted in his own country. While no one pays heed to these fake news articles and defamation campaigns, this certainly disrupts the day-to-day operations of common people as well as hard working businessmen. However, Zambia Reports is not bothered by the pain it causes to its own countrymen and continues to malign the image of innocent businessmen like Dr. Rajan Mahtani.

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