Dr. Rajan Mahtani Praised For His Contribution To African Forum 2017

African Summit is a yearly event which provides a platform for great leaders, politicians and noted personalities for expressing their views, thoughts and opinions or various economic, social, political and environmental issues. The event is attended by many noted personalities and businessmen from Zambia and among them is Dr. Rajan Mahtani. He is a regular attendee, speaker and opinion provider in this event. While he is noted for his opinions and viewpoints, many people are unaware of the fact that he is also a regular contributor to the Prison Fellowship International, an organization part of the African Summit. The Press Secretary from the Prison Fellowship recently released a press report once the summit was concluded. In this press report, the secretary specifically thanked Dr. Mahtani for his charitable contribution that led to the success of the event. Dr. Mahtani was also praised for his dedication and hard work for uplifting the economy of Zambia through his businesses as well as through numerous environmental and social activities.


The event was a huge success and helped in bringing into light various topics that were critical to the entire African continent. Even those who attended the event praised Dr. Mahtani for his kind and truthful nature and patience.

Even after his dedicated work, he is constantly harassed by jealous and revengeful people. Individuals and notorious families like the Ventriglias have continuously create negative stories and similar campaigns to harm the image of Dr. Mahtani. However, most of these negative campaigns and stories have failed to tarnish his image. Dr. Mahtani is currently fighting for the legal rights of Zambezi Portland Cement at the Lusaka High Court. After 10 years of waiting, it is expected that the court will be announcing the final judgment soon. Expert opinions clearly suggest that Dr. Mahtani is on the winning side and majority of industrialists and even common citizens are hoping the same.

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