Dr. Rajan Mahtani Attacked With Another Defamation Campaign

Dr. Rajan Mahtani is the current Head and Executive of MGC (Mahtani Group of Companies). He is also former Finance Bank Zambia Chairman. For the past one decade, he has been facing severe attacks from new agency Zambia Reports. The news agency is already notorious for distributing irrelevant and fake news. Every time there is some news, Zambia Reports are quick to launch their defamation campaign targeting Dr. Mahtani. Majority of the times these news articles are far from truth and published with the objective of distracting the media.

Dr. Rajan Mahtani

The latest defamation campaign by Zambia Reports was carried out to create a rift between Finance Bank Zambia and BancABC. Finance Bank was recently acquired by BancABC at estimated valuation of USD 62 million. Since then, all of Finance Bank’s operations are solely managed by BancABC. As a result, when Lamsaat started defaulting on its loan repayments, BancABC was forced to make the call for repayment. Lamsaat has earlier taken loan from Finance Bank when it was managed by Dr. Mahtani. These types of cases are common in the banking sector. However, Zambia Reports decided to make a fuss out of it. The news agency published an article claiming that the call for repayment was actually on orders of Dr. Rajan Mahtani. ZR went a step further claiming that Finance Bank is still operated by Dr. Mahtani in secrecy. Any sane individual reading the article by ZR will know that it is nothing but a sham. Zambia Reports publishes these articles on monthly basis to create chaos and distraction. However, people have started realising the true intent of the news channel and have started to ignore it.

Zambia Reports is only interested in ruining the reputation of Dr. Mahtani. The reason is simple- they are paid for this. Zambia has bunch of conspirators who are jealous of Dr. Mahtani’s success and will go to any extent to destroy his reputation and his business. And Zambia Reports is helping them by turning into a conspirator itself.

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