Conspiracy Against Dr. Rajan Mahtani & Finance Bank Gets Busted

Gone are the days when conspirators could easily walk away with crimes. Truth eventually comes out and those on the right side of it survive. The recent judgement by the SCZ (Supreme Court of Zambia) is a supreme example that nobody can escape the justice. Conspirators of Dr. Rajan Mahtani have been trying to defame him for decades using illegal and scrupulous methods. However, Dr. Rajan Mahtani never used his power to teach them a lesson. Instead, the noted businessmen waited for the law and justice to take actions. The fruits of his patience have been bearded.


In the case between Dr. Rajan Mahtani & Finance Bank and Simaata Simaata, the Zambian Supreme Court found Simaata guilty of breaching the contract. Simaata has testified across various courts against FBZ & Dr. Rajan Mahtani as a clear violation of the contract he signed. He also made various derogatory and offensive statements against Dr. Mahtani & FBZ harming the reputation of both. These activities were a clear breach in the contract and after months of court rulings, the verdict finally in favour of Dr. Mahtani.

This is not the first time conspirators tried to ruin the reputation of Dr. Rajan Mahtani. Conspirators have been using entities like Zambia Reports for many decades to target his. Zambia Reports is already infamous for its association with thieves & mafias. The news channel, that has totally sold itself in the hands of these conspirators, continues to create nuisances by spreading false news against Dr. Mahtani & his associations. It was not long back when the news portal branded Dr. Mahtani as a traitor and responsible for the loan repayment call made by BancABC to Lamsaat. Safe to say, the article was dismissed as fake by common people as well as the industry experts.

Dr. Mahtani is a respected individual with businesses across Zambia and many developed nations. He considers Zambia as his motherland and is ready to do anything in his hand for the upliftment of the nation. People who are jealous of him will continue trying to ruin his image and business but as it is said, law is above all. Just like Simaata, the time for other conspirators will come soon.

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