Dr. Mahtani Tormented By ZR‘S Continuous Rants

In its latest news article, Zambia Reports portrayed Dr. Rajan Mahtani as a villain. The news channel accused him of forcing BancABC to make loan repayment call to Lamsaat. The scandalous news channel has been trying to defame Dr. Mahtani and his businesses for many years. However, it is Zambia Reports who is actually on a path to self-destruction. As Zambia Reports if they have any evidence regarding the claims they have just made, and they will go blank. The reality is- these defamation campaigns are based on scripted stories & lie. They are only launched to gain public attention and enjoy momentary fame.

Dr. Mahtani

In the past, writers of Zambia Reports received flake and backlash for their rubbish articles against innocent and honest citizens of Zambia like Dr. Rajan Mahtani. As a result, these writers are now fearful of the consequences and are afraid of using their own names. Thus we can see fake names such as ‘Evans Mulega’ in majority of these defamation articles. Judging people based personal opinion is not something a journalist should do. It is also looked down upon by industrialists and general mass. If Zambia Reports really has some substantial evidence proving that Dr. Mahtani did influence the call to Lamsaat for loan repayment, then they should share it with the entire nation. Otherwise, making claims based on insensible data or evidence is a big crime, especially for those in the journalism industry.

Every time ZR makes some claims against Dr. Mahtani, he and his associates have come out in open and have asked ZR to have a discussion regarding their claims. But as usual, ZR has evaded these discussions every time. This in itself is a showcase of the character of two sides. Those who fear of light and are always lurking in the dark, are the ones most corrupted. They can create momentary fame by creating fake stories, but in the long run, only truth will survive.

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