Dr. Mahtani & Finsbury Investment Optimistic As Lusaka High Court Nears Final Judgment

Dr. Mahtani

There are few businessmen in the country of Zambia who are not yet touched by corruption, politics or illegal activities. One of them is Dr. Rajan Mahtani, the owner of Mahtani Group of Industries and Finsbury Investment. He is also the ex-chairman of Finance Bank Zambia, a premier banking and financial organization in Zambia. Dr. Mahtani has made a name for himself with the successful businesses inside and outside Zambia. His companies have reached far-away places like the United Kingdom, which also helped him in bringing various foreign investment opportunities in Zambia. At the same time, he is popular among common citizens due to his charitable contributions and philanthropic views, which has influenced many start-ups and upcoming businessmen to follow the path of honesty, integrity and national dedication when starting their enterprises. However, this popularity and increasing number of followers of Dr. Mahtani has also increased his haters who are basically losing their illegal and unlawful businesses. As such, regular campaigns to tarnish Dr. Mahtani’s image and false stories against him are common.

A similar situation has been occurring in the case of Zambezi Portland Cement, a factory that was illegally captured by the Ventriglias almost 10 years ago. Since then, Dr. Mahtani has been fighting for its legal ownership at the Lusaka High Court. Even after providing all relevant details and full-proof evidence, the fate of the factory has been hanging at the mercy of the court. At the same time, the condition of the factory has been degraded significantly under the Ventriglias. The factory which was once produced in excess is struggling to keep itself afloat. However, good news recently came for Dr. Mahtani and his team when the judge handling the case announced the closure of case hearing. This means the judge will be analyzing the evidence and related documents from both sides and will provide final judgment soon.

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