Supreme Court Of Zambia Announces FBZ Winner

Individuals who evade law and involve in unlawful practices for personal gains cannot escape judgment for long. Sooner or later, law catches up to them. It is the same case with Simaata Simaata, the former employee of Finance Bank Zambia and an open critic. Not only did Simaata broke law by involving in various unlawful practices during his stint at the Finance Bank Zambia, but he also led to reputational damage for the bank as well as Dr. Rajan Mahtani, the founder of the bank. It is no doubt that the judgement of Supreme Court that announced Simaata as guilty, was a welcome move and was appreciated by the industrialists as well as the common people alike.

Dr. Mahtani

Dr. Rajan Mahtani is an honest businessman and a respected individual. He has been serving Zambia for many decades by building factories and bank that cater to the common people. Even though he has been a target of many conspirators who try to ruin his image and gain from them, he has always ignored these conspiracies and kept on working for the welfare of the people. However, things went out of hand when Simaata broke the agreement signed with Finance Bank Zambia. Not only this, he also went ahead to testify against Dr. Mahtani as well as the bank at various courts and at various occasions. These testimonials were not forced and he provided them at his own will. Further, it was also found that these testimonials had no evidence and were the opinion of just one man, Simaata himself. Nevertheless, any kind of rumor spreads fast and as a result of these testimonials, Finance Bank lost its image. This also resulted in loss of clients for the bank and future prospects.

Even though Simaata was announced guilty, Finance Bank will take time to gain its loss reputation. It is difficult to say whether these conspiracies will ever stop, but Dr. Mahtani & Finance Bank can just hope that the law will be in their side during difficult times.

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