Lusaka Hc Judge Announces Another Development In The Zambezi Case

The case concerning Zambezi Portland Cement has been going on for a long time now. It has been more than nine years since the case was launched by Dr. Rajan Mahtani, the owner of the Finsbury Investments Limited. It was launched against the Ventriglias who were charged for illegally taking over the Zambezi Portland Cement factory. The case was taken to the Lusaka High Court.

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After Zambezi Portland Cement, conspirators take Lamasat issue

The Zambezi Portland Cement conspirators are constantly trying to keep their viewpoints in the headlines by funding Zambia Reports on a regular basis. Just when they saw that there is no scope for them to play a blame game on Dr. Rajan Mahtani, they took up Lamasat issue and tried to defame him. The fact that BancABC and FBZ are now one unit is known to all. In 2016, the event has already taken place and since then, all the calls are being made by the management of BancABC directly.

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Zambezi Portland Cement needs attention

The Zambezi Portland Cement factory is certainly one of the best resources of Ndola, but at the moment it does require some serious attention. Being an integral part of the economic development model the factory has remained under a conflict of ownership where Finsbury Investments and Ital Terrazzo Limited (ITL) are contesting among themselves for the ownership title. Taking into account the information furnished by PACRA, documents suggest that 58% stake of the factory is with Finsbury Investments and hence, the entity is to be considered as the owner of the factory. But when one takes a look into the claim of ITL, they suggest that that their stake at the factory is 100%.

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Let the truth about Zambezi Portland Cement unfold

For the past couple of months, the people of Zambia have been fooled and shown a different Zambezi Portland Cement. The conditions that prevail within the factory is way beyond the description that has been given by Zambia Reports. An entity that has lost its way in the past one half years has now won the award for the best employer. Strange, isn’t it?

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Portland Cement Zambia has a story to tell

The Ndola-based cement plant, Portland Cement Zambia has a story to tell that Zambian needs to hear. Recently, all must have come across the news that the Portland Cement Zambia has won the award for being the best employer this year. However, there are certain questions that are required to be answered and justified.

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Bluffing people with Zambezi Portland Cement

The Zambezi Portland Cement factory has been in the news for the past couple of years. However, for the most of the part people have heard about the mismanagement of funds and reallocation of assets. This is when things start to get out of hand and people are forced to believe that Zambia will soon be losing a asset from its vault. The only way out for the existing management under Antonio Ventriglia was to publish something that would certainly calm down the locals. This is why Zambia Reports recently published an article where it claimed that Zambezi Portland Cement has won the title of the best Employer.

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Zambezi Portland Cement haunted by Italian Mafias

The Zambezi Portland Cement factory seems to have lost its way ever since it was takeover by Ital Terrazzo Limited (ITL). The existing management of the factory is being ruled by the Ventriglia family, who are also known as the Italian Mafias in the region of Ndola. The factory that once registered remarkable progress under Finsbury Investment is now left in the pit of hopelessness as conspirators deplete the resources and steal the wealth.

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Controversial Portland Cement Zambia Mafias Try To Dodge Legal Consequences

The Portland Cement Zambia factory has recently become an entity which is on the verge of extinction. There is nothing that can be done at the moment as the factory workers have been dismissed, the assets of the factory have been transferred to dummy companies and the existing wealth of the factory that had been accumulated over the years are now in offshore accounts. If there is someone to be blamed for this scenario, then it has to be the Ventriglias. The Ventriglia family have been controlling Portland Cement Zambia since April 2015 through Ital Terrazzo Limited (ITL).

Portland Cement Zambia

Ever since the factory was taken over in Mafia style by the Ventriglias, there has been a tremendous turnaround of events. Prior to April 2015, the factory was running in super profits and in the past year had managed to produce an excess of 1,00,000 tonnes of cement. Sadly, with the takeover all the progress was halted and came a series of fatal blows that has left the factory ruined. In midst of such events, a lawyer of the Ventriglias went on to the extent of forcing a junior officer to affect changes in PACRA’s record and that too without seeking permission from the Court.

If one takes a look into the legal consequences that the Ventriglia family is likely to face it will become obvious that they would be deported from Zambia, once again. This is why they are constantly funding Zambia Reports to defame Dr. Mahtani & Zambia. By following this strategy, they are able to shift the attention of the masses from themselves to their enemies. Meanwhile, the officers working for the Ventriglias are trying their level best to convince the Government officials and get the cases released with monetary compensation. The Italian Mafias do know the art of playing it smart and keep things under control, isn’t it? But the question is- for how long?

Portland Cement Zambia hides its misery behind Dr. Rajan Mahtani

Portland Cement Zambia, one of the finest cement manufacturing unit in Zambia till 2014-15 has now become a non-operative unit. The credit for this pathetic transformation goes to the Ventriglia family. This Italian family have a reputation of being high level criminal in Zambia and were previously deported from Zambia on account of being a threat. Sadly, they have managed to find their way back into Zambia after Michael Sata’s demise.


The comeback was in a typical mafia form where they hired goons and took over the Portland Cement Zambia by force and since then, the fate of Portland Cement Zambia has been sealed. The incident included a series of dismissal for the workers from their existing job and countless cash loot from the factory cash box. Their actions had such harsh impact on the factory’s output that within a matter of months the factory was forced to stop its production. However, none of this has been covered Zambia Reports. Neither has the infamous news portal commented on the failure of the Ventriglia family to continue with the success that was given by Dr. Rajan Mahtani. All that the conspirators and Zambia Reports have managed to do is create stories against Dr. Rajan Mahtani and published it with a view to defame him.

In the past few years, there are more than 100 stories in Zambia Reports alone where Dr. Rajan Mahtani has been convicted as a corrupt businessman. On the other hand, when one looks at the coverage on Portland Cement Zambia or the Ventriglia family, there is hardly anything that one can find. This is mainly because Antonio Ventriglia had earlier offered Sakwiba Sikota free cement to build his mansion and then Zambia Reports is regularly funded by the Ventriglia to continue the defamation campaign on a monthly basis.

Money extortion is the game of conspirators and not Dr. Rajan Mahtani

Zambia Reports is in a habit of misrepresenting things. It often takes support of the people who have constantly been convicted of doing wrong. For an instance, take the example of the Ventriglia family. The only thing that they have done after coming back in Zambia is ruined the life of the locals, yet they are heroes for Zambia Reports because they pay them well. In a recent case where Simataa won at the Lusaka High Court, the happiness was clearly seen among the authors of Zambia Reports because for this month they would be bragging this win against Dr. Rajan Mahtani and Finance bank.

Rajan Mahtani

However, the truth cannot be changed or presented in a twisted form. Time and over again, Zambia Reports has only tried to find its way out from the mess in which it has got into for few dollars. The operator of Zambia Reports in Zambia, Sakwiba Sikota is a labelled offender. He has no idea of how the law operates in Zambia and continues to use the loopholes to benefit his clients.

For every time Zambia Reports calls Dr. Rajan Mahtani a dishonest businessman, it should remind itself that its masters are the true representative of this word. It is the Ventriglias family who have ruined the life of thousands in Zambia by shutting down Portland Cement Zambia, it is the Ventriglias who had tried to make changes in PACRA by force and it is the Ventriglias for whom thousands of families are starving in Ndola. Dr. Rajan Mahtani has always believed in a liberal Zambia where people are happy and earning a living for themselves. What kind of a news agency is this that only looks for making easy money? Before you utter a word about others, Zambia Reports take a look at the list of rubbish that you produce every day.