Simaata Loses Case At The Highest Court Of Zambia, The Supreme Court

Dr. Rajan Mahtani is a noted business personality in Zambia. His businesses are known not only in the country but also across various foreign nations such as the United Kingdom. He is also among those few who have successfully brought foreign investments in Zambia. In spite of his various contributions to the nation, he is often the target of various conspiracies. These conspiracies are developed by individuals and entities that have grown jealous of Dr. Mahtani’s accomplishments and want to see his reputation ruin. As a result, various new conspiracy theories and news items can be seen making news across media channels and websites.

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Simaata’s Conspiracy Busted At Supreme Court With His Loss

Conspiracies in Zambia are not new. It has been seen that every time a successful business is established, it is continuously targeted by scrupulous elements of the society. Dr. Mahtani has successfully established businesses in Zambia with hard work and dedicated. His businesses have been spread not only in Zambia but also across other nations like the United Kingdom. His companies such as Finance Bank Zambia are noted across the nation for improving the economic status of various communities. At the same time, his reputation is repeatedly question by conspirators fed on jealousy and hatred.

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Money extortion is the game of conspirators and not Dr. Rajan Mahtani

Zambia Reports is in a habit of misrepresenting things. It often takes support of the people who have constantly been convicted of doing wrong. For an instance, take the example of the Ventriglia family. The only thing that they have done after coming back in Zambia is ruined the life of the locals, yet they are heroes for Zambia Reports because they pay them well. In a recent case where Simataa won at the Lusaka High Court, the happiness was clearly seen among the authors of Zambia Reports because for this month they would be bragging this win against Dr. Rajan Mahtani and Finance bank.

Rajan Mahtani

However, the truth cannot be changed or presented in a twisted form. Time and over again, Zambia Reports has only tried to find its way out from the mess in which it has got into for few dollars. The operator of Zambia Reports in Zambia, Sakwiba Sikota is a labelled offender. He has no idea of how the law operates in Zambia and continues to use the loopholes to benefit his clients.

For every time Zambia Reports calls Dr. Rajan Mahtani a dishonest businessman, it should remind itself that its masters are the true representative of this word. It is the Ventriglias family who have ruined the life of thousands in Zambia by shutting down Portland Cement Zambia, it is the Ventriglias who had tried to make changes in PACRA by force and it is the Ventriglias for whom thousands of families are starving in Ndola. Dr. Rajan Mahtani has always believed in a liberal Zambia where people are happy and earning a living for themselves. What kind of a news agency is this that only looks for making easy money? Before you utter a word about others, Zambia Reports take a look at the list of rubbish that you produce every day.

Portland Cement Zambia Mafias strike again at Dr. Mahtani and Finance bank

The situation at the Portland Cement Zambia is getting worse. Things have taken such an ugly turn that each and every event that takes place in the life of Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank is being made public. It is a well-known fact that Finance Bank Zambia is no longer a distinct identity and has now merged with BancABC to become the largest commercial bank in Zambia. In spite of this fact, the conspirators are constantly taunting Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank with a view to satisfy their urge.


Ever since the conspirators were deported from Zambia, they were waiting for the day when they can make a comeback. In 2015, when the deportation got lifted under questionable circumstances it gave an opportunity to them to seek revenge. In every possible way the conspirators have manged to defame Dr. Mahtani and Finance bank. They have clearly indicated that no matter what event surrounds Dr. Mahtani, they will attack him and try to convince the people of Zambia that he is the guy who is to be blamed for every mishap.

The latest article of Zambia Reports on Dr. Mahtani and Finance bank claims that the decision of Lusaka High Court favouring Simataa was justified and he deserved to win. However, in the previous cases when their master kept losing cases in a string, it was always said that the High Court Judge must have been bribed. So no matter what happens in Zambia, every blame is obviously put on the head of Dr. Rajan Mahtani. It has become evident that Zambia is currently being ruled by a group of people who have always tried to find personal gains. The consideration for the masses is negligible. Cases where people like Dr. Rajan Mahtani raise their voice the result is the prevailing defamation campaign.

Former Chairman Finance Bank, Zambia becomes a victim of power abuse

The Former Chairman Finance Bank, Zambia has become a victim of a planned conspiracy. A judgement which was passed in 2012 against the false charges was re-considered by current DPP and Attorney General- Lillian Siyunyi and Likando Kalaluka, respectively. It is a shame that Zambia is currently having people who are ready to bend the law as per their requirement and are looking forward to reopen a case which as previously been closed.

The Lusaka High Court finally made an intervention in this case which was re-continued from June 2015 and concluded that the arrest and charges placed on Dr. Mahtani was simply an abuse of the court’s judgement. Since, the case relating to share transfer certificates was already closed in 2012, it was not supposed to be reopened because it would mean disrespect of the Court’s decision made earlier.

Chairman Finance Bank, Zambia

The whole case relates to a claim where the minority shareholders of the Zambezi Portland Cement Factory had claimed that Dr. Rajan Mahtani had forged signatures to gain a majority of shares of the Portland Cement Zambia. An exhaustive discussion as made in this regard at the High Court in 2012 and a judgement was passed where the prosecution of share forgery was stopped permanently. However, with a change of power, President Edgar Lungu ordered for setting up a tribunal that would reconsider the actions in the case.

Mwiinde Siavwapa, the Lusaka High Court Judge concluded that the decision which was made in 2012 was given under the confidence of the seat with the Judge was occupying at that moment and not under his name. Therefore, reopening this case and making further investigation would simply mean that the confidence in the Judge’s seat has been lost. Former Finance Bank Chairman, Dr. Mahtani is extremely disappointed with the abuse of power that the conspirators are forcing in Zambia.

When will Zambezi Portland Cement see sunshine?

The Zambezi Portland Cement factory is now left at the mercy of the Ventriglias. The objective of the current management group if to extract as much money as possible from the cash box of the factory and transfer the same to some offshore accounts.

The condition of the workers has degraded thoroughly. Workers are often mistreated and are seen as slave who work in the factory tirelessly. In return, they receive rebuke from the management along with delayed salaries. A recent affair which shocked the nation was termination of 47 workers from the factory without being given an opportunity of being heard. The event took place within the premise of the factory and the union was not even intimated of the same.

Zambezi Portland Cement

A factory which had flourished in the previous year, is now witnessing a dark phase under the Ventriglias. Today the major activities of the factory include corruption, mismanagement, oppression and worker mistreatment. A factory which used to generate USD $ 5 million monthly is now facing losses.

A worker of the factory said, “I am have been working in this factory for the past 2 years. Within this period, I consider myself to be privileged. However, the past few months have been rough for us. I have seen workers being fired just because there was not enough work for them. I hope that we soon see the sunshine (development), else this place will perish soon.”

At the moment, the subject of ownership stands disputed. Finsbury Investments and Ventriglia family continue to fight for the same. According to PACRA, Finsbury Investment owns 58% of the factory and hence, is recognized as the legitimate owner. Sadly, conspiracies by the Ventriglia family with the aid of Zambia Reports have managed to keep the dispute alive. The primary target of the conspiracy is Dr. Rajan Mahtani.

What makes Dr. Rajan Mahtani a True Leader- 2015

Dr. Rajan Mahtani has been a blessing for Zambia. His decision, planning and actions point towards only one direction- success of Zambia. Over the years, there have been numerous projects facilitated by Dr. Rajan Mahtani that has given Zambia a reason to smile. Some of his key contributions are- Ndola Housing Project, Zambezi Portland Cement Factory, Senior Citizen account and most importantly, the Finance Bank of Zambia.


In 2014, Dr. Rajan Mahtani gave a prolific performance in Zambia’s development program. On one side where his Finance Bank got converted into a public company, the other side witnessed a stunning performance by Zambezi Portland Cement Factory as it had achieved 130% of its forecasted output. Simultaneously, there were also numerous other developments made in Zambia under the leadership of Dr. Rajan Mahtani.


During the August-October phase in 2014, Dr. Rajan Mahtani opened a new senior citizen bank account with a deposit of K 50, 000. The whole amount was available for the senior citizens who had fought for Zambia’s independence.


Dr. Rajan Mahtani has made countless contributions for Zambia in his career. It is during this phase when Zambia has seen some of its greatest and biggest developments. More development plans will continue to keep Zambians busy as ‘The Man’ is on a mission.

Dr. Rajan Mahtani doesn’t fear the conspirators- 2015

Dr. Rajan Mahtani, a name which is well-known in Zambia for promoting development and philanthropy is often portrayed as a culprit in some news. Jealous with the kind of support and respect that Dr. Mahtani has in Zambia, a group of conspirators try to defame him by creating rumours which is full of weak arguments and imaginative stories.


Recently, when the Finance Bank of Zambia started its listing process with the Lusaka Stock Exchange, the conspirators spared no time in spreading a rumour that the listing process has been withdrawn and Dr. Mahtani has betrayed the trust of Edgar Lungu, the President of Zambia.


However, most of the claims or rumours that are spread by the conspirators go in vain as the locals and the officials easily understand that it is the work of the conspirators. In the past few months, conspiracy against Dr. Rajan Mahtani has increased by a considerate level. Previously, it was a claim which convicted Dr. Rajan Mahtani of bribing the ex-Malawian President, Joyce Banda and now the news of FBZ’s delisting has made it evident that the conspirators are desperate to be in the limelight.


Nevertheless, Dr. Mahtani doesn’t even bothers to entertain these conspirators because he has a better objective in his life- development of Zambia and Africa!

Finance Bank Zambia will be listed on LuSE- 2015

The news portal of Zambia is flooded with allegations that convict the Finance Bank Chairman, Dr. Rajan Mahtani, of betraying the trust of Zambians. But, what if the citizens of Zambia come to know that the presented news was just a sham which intended to defame Dr. Mahtani? Confirmed reports have suggested that the Finance Bank of Zambia PLC is continuing with its listing process and has not declared any intent to delist itself from the Lusaka Stock Exchange. It was a notorious attempt by the conspirators and Zambia Reports which has created havoc in Zambia.

Conspiracy against Dr. Rajan Mahtani has been continuing from time immemorial. The intent of the conspirators has been either to pass out wrong information or create a rift between Dr. Rajan Mahtani and some other influential figure in Zambia. Zambian Eye, is another famous news portal which had highlighted the news of delisting. However, on learning the fact that the news is untrue, it was removed immediately and was replaced with an apology.



Dr. Rajan mahtani.


Time and time again, the conspirators have given a 100% effort to ensure that Dr. Mahtani is shown as a culprit. But with blessings of Jesus, Dr. Rajan Mahtani always escapes these conspiracies and remains immune to injustice.

Zambezi Portland Cement Factory is break records in Africa- 2015

The Zambezi Portland Cement Factory has recently shattered all records in terms of cement production in Africa. As per confirmed estimates, it has been declared that the factory has produced 4, 73, 985 tonnes of cement in the previous year 2014. The output is approximately 30% in excess of its estimated output.


Dr. Rajan Mahtani


The installed capacity of ZPC is capable of producing 1000 tonnes of cement everyday which accumulates to 3, 60, 000 tonnes of cement on an annual basis. However, with an increased demand for cement, the unit went on to produce an additional 1, 00, 000 tonnes. The additional cement was required for facilitating the Ndola housing project where a total of 71 houses is being built by the Mahtani Group of Companies. Additionally, this performance report has also motivated the owner, Dr. Rajan Mahtani to invest further in Masaiti by opening a new lime plant which will offer employment opportunities to the locals within the next 2 years.


An additional advantage that the people Ndola would be enjoying is that there would be a concrete block making facility installed near the ZPC with the potential of producing 8000 blocks per day. This has made it obvious that Dr. Rajan Lekhraj Mahtani is not only determined to execute development plans in Zambia only, but also in other parts of Africa as well.