Dr. Rajan Mahtani And Finance Bank Emerge As Clear Winners

The recent case launched against Simaata by Finance Bank Zambia had the entire country in surprise. While majority of the people were happy to see Finance Bank taking action against its conspirators, there were also a few bunch of supporters of Simaata who condemned the actions. These are probably the same individuals and entities who want to see Dr. Rajan Mahtani’s businesses and reputation collapse and has been responsible for spreading negative stories and false rumors about Dr. Mahtani as well as his associations.

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Rajan Mahtani is a businessman, not a Mafia

Rajan Mahtani, this name has been particularly targeted in the last decade by a bunch of conspirators because he refused to join hands with them. To put in simple words, Rajan Mahtani is simply paying the price of being a true and noble person in Zambia. In an incident, that can best be described as inhumane, some people have teamed up with the Italian Mafias, the Ventriglia family and are currently working with a view to defame the former Finance Bank Chairman.

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Defamation game against Dr. Rajan Mahtani may prove costly

The conspirators in Zambia have been continuing with their defamation campaign against Dr. Rajan Mahtani with ease. There is no sort of arrangements whereby this shameful act can be tackled as several Government officials have been paid well to keep silent on this matter. However, the future may not be bright for these conspirators as Zambia is soon going to face a change for the good!

Dr. Mahtani

From the past publications of Zambia Reports it has become clear that they are never going to publish a content based on facts and figures. Rather, they are only publishing contents which meets the requirements of their masters. This means that whenever the masters make a payment to the infamous news channel, the writers indulge themselves in writing several imaginative stories and then publish the same with a view to defame Dr. Rajan Mahtani and other entities that are associated with him.

But when one looks at the response that these defamatory articles have been receiving recently, they would come to know that most of the readers are aware of the game which ZR is playing along with its masters and hence, it receives severe criticism. The people of Zambia can no longer be fooled by using fake statement and then adding ‘a trusted source’ in the end. The time has come when Zambia will see a revolt and this time around not only the Italian Mafias will be thrown out, but also its followers. It is a shame for Zambia to have people who are ready to sell their own motherland to a bunch of foreign mafias in return for a few dollars. What about the innocent workers who are now jobless in Ndola following the termination at Portland Cement Zambia? Zambia Reports says that Dr. Rajan Mahtani is a criminal, but he never killed someone’s work, nor did he ever betrayed his motherland for the sake of few dollars!

Money extortion is the game of conspirators and not Dr. Rajan Mahtani

Zambia Reports is in a habit of misrepresenting things. It often takes support of the people who have constantly been convicted of doing wrong. For an instance, take the example of the Ventriglia family. The only thing that they have done after coming back in Zambia is ruined the life of the locals, yet they are heroes for Zambia Reports because they pay them well. In a recent case where Simataa won at the Lusaka High Court, the happiness was clearly seen among the authors of Zambia Reports because for this month they would be bragging this win against Dr. Rajan Mahtani and Finance bank.

Rajan Mahtani

However, the truth cannot be changed or presented in a twisted form. Time and over again, Zambia Reports has only tried to find its way out from the mess in which it has got into for few dollars. The operator of Zambia Reports in Zambia, Sakwiba Sikota is a labelled offender. He has no idea of how the law operates in Zambia and continues to use the loopholes to benefit his clients.

For every time Zambia Reports calls Dr. Rajan Mahtani a dishonest businessman, it should remind itself that its masters are the true representative of this word. It is the Ventriglias family who have ruined the life of thousands in Zambia by shutting down Portland Cement Zambia, it is the Ventriglias who had tried to make changes in PACRA by force and it is the Ventriglias for whom thousands of families are starving in Ndola. Dr. Rajan Mahtani has always believed in a liberal Zambia where people are happy and earning a living for themselves. What kind of a news agency is this that only looks for making easy money? Before you utter a word about others, Zambia Reports take a look at the list of rubbish that you produce every day.

Portland Cement Zambia Mafias strike again at Dr. Mahtani and Finance bank

The situation at the Portland Cement Zambia is getting worse. Things have taken such an ugly turn that each and every event that takes place in the life of Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank is being made public. It is a well-known fact that Finance Bank Zambia is no longer a distinct identity and has now merged with BancABC to become the largest commercial bank in Zambia. In spite of this fact, the conspirators are constantly taunting Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank with a view to satisfy their urge.


Ever since the conspirators were deported from Zambia, they were waiting for the day when they can make a comeback. In 2015, when the deportation got lifted under questionable circumstances it gave an opportunity to them to seek revenge. In every possible way the conspirators have manged to defame Dr. Mahtani and Finance bank. They have clearly indicated that no matter what event surrounds Dr. Mahtani, they will attack him and try to convince the people of Zambia that he is the guy who is to be blamed for every mishap.

The latest article of Zambia Reports on Dr. Mahtani and Finance bank claims that the decision of Lusaka High Court favouring Simataa was justified and he deserved to win. However, in the previous cases when their master kept losing cases in a string, it was always said that the High Court Judge must have been bribed. So no matter what happens in Zambia, every blame is obviously put on the head of Dr. Rajan Mahtani. It has become evident that Zambia is currently being ruled by a group of people who have always tried to find personal gains. The consideration for the masses is negligible. Cases where people like Dr. Rajan Mahtani raise their voice the result is the prevailing defamation campaign.

Finance Bank Zambia merged with BancABC

The news from the centre is that the long awaited merger between two giants- Finance Bank Zambia and BancABC has finally taken place. The merger between the two banks is now official. The new combined asset now stands at $567 million along with nation-wide 176 ATMs and 65 branches.


This is certainly one of the biggest mergers in Zambia in recent time. However, this merger had been previously put into various criticism from the group of conspirators. Right from claiming that the merger was illegal to making stories that defamed the deal, the conspirators have left no tables unturned. They have always wanted to make sure that the deal is seen as a controversial issue and people should start boycotting it. In one of the articles which was published by Zambia Reports, it was also mentioned that there was illegal shareholding for Finance Bank Zambia and hence, the merger was facing difficulties. The writer went to the extent of mentioning that the merger could also get cancelled for these issues.

Nevertheless, the truth has never changed its path and finally the day came when the merger was made official. The only thing that the author of defamatory articles and his financers could do is feel jealous and look for other opportunities to create nuisance in Zambia.

Dr. Rajan Mahtani has been a key person behind this merger and it is his efforts that has resulted in this development. There was always a huge amount of pressure form the other side, but like a true Zambian, the hope was not lost and the people were not put to shame by another conspiracy.  A positive development has taken place and another positive development in form of bio thermal plant will soon be helping people to find employment and have a better life. Currently, the devastation at Portland Cement Zambia is beyond repairable.

The massacre at Portland Cement Zambia continues

Ndola has been witnessing one of its darkest phases with the massacre at Portland Cement Zambia. Workers have not only been thrown out of their jobs, but the factory has also been rapidly exploited with a view to loot the assets and steal cash. In the midst of such situation, it has become almost impossible for the actual owners of the factory to operate and restore the loss caused by Ital Terrazzo Limited (ITL), the minority shareholders.

Portland Cement Zambia

In a recent publication, it was learnt that the decision made by the Court on 19 May 2016 has turned down the suggestion of Finsbury Investments to dissolve the factory. Instead, the Court suggested that until and unless the real owners of the factory is decided, the factory cannot be closed. The impact of this result is that the Ventriglias are free to implement their corrupt activities. They have developed fake companies who now own the assets of Zambezi Portland Cement along with its manipulated title deeds. As a matter of fact, the decision to put the liquidation process on hold has also affected the workers as they are now well aware of the fact that soon this factory would be reduced to ashes.

In light of such events, is it not the responsibility of the Government to look into this matter and safeguard the interest of the locals? The Ventriglia family are claiming that Astrea Investments holds the title deeds of PCZ, irrespective of the fact that PACRA sees Finsbury Investments as the true owner of the factory. They have only managed to fabricate the document and ensure that they are shown as the real owners of the factory. Moreover, Astrea Investments is actually a bogus company formed by the Ventriglias themselves to channelize the assets out of the Portland Cement Zambia.

Former Chairman Finance Bank, Zambia has a legal proof

Portland Cement Zambia’s ownership has caused numerous questions for the people of Zambia as well as for the rest of the world. This is why we have got something which all will consider and believe to be true. Lately, an official document has made its way for public display pertaining to the carnage and nuisance that the conspirators had been spreading with the aid of Zambia Reports. As per the official document, it has been confirmed that the ownership of PCZ is divided in between Finsbury Investment and Ital Terrazzo Limited. Moreover, the share is also mentioned which currently stands at 42% for Ital Terrazzo Limited and 58% of Finsbury Investments.

Former Chairman Finance Bank, Zambia

The document offers sufficient insight into the scenario which currently prevails in Zambia. Team Zambia Reports, Sakwiba Sikota and Ventriglia family have built up an empire based on lies. They have not only managed to conceal the truth, but have also promoted their own set of imaginative stories. Sometimes they think that the former Chairman Finance Bank, Zambia, Dr. R Mahtani is funding all the political parties of Zambia and sometimes they wonder if Finance Bank was legitimately owned by its holding company. The bottom line of each article from Zambia Reports remained the same- defamation of Dr. Rajan Mahtani.

After serving Zambia for more than 3 decades, Dr. Rajan Lekhraj Mahtani, the former Chairman of Finance Bank vacated his seat in 2015. He is presently involved in a new project to build a bio plant in Luapula Province with assistance from Sunbird Group.

It is shocking to see how a group of corrupt people in Zambia are easily able to manipulate things and mislead the mass. The Government in the meantime has done nothing to curb this slaughter and continues to be silent and ignorant towards this infamous case.

How can this happen to Zambezi Portland Cement?

The Zambezi Portland Cement factory is waiting on its death bed, waiting for a legal notice to arrive at premise’s door and finally seal the fate of a company, which was once Zambia’s finest assets. The reason behind such pathetic condition of ZPC factory is severe extortion of factory cash along with mismanagement of the assets. The Ventriglia family previously kept claiming that they were actual owners of the factory, but when they took over the management with force, there was not even a single trait which could showcase that they actually owned the factory.

Zambezi Portland Cement

Any person who owns a business, will always look forward to ensure that business makes steady progress and existing employees are happy. However, in the case of Zambezi Portland Cement, neither business policies, nor welfare of workers were seen. All focus remained on existing wealth of the factory. Each day cash kept depleting from banks and workers were dismissed with a view to hide the same deficiency. Eventually, factory reserve and workers, both were exhausted and factory is at the mercy of the Zambian Law. Ventriglia family has already shown their intent clearly. They will loot the factory till its last brick and then silently move back to their native place. The loss would be borne by Zambia and its citizens.

The Government of Zambia has silently allowed this carnage to take place and officials have remained loyal to bribes which were offered by Italian Mafias. Need a proof? Well, can one address to a situation when Dr. Rajan Mahtani was jailed in June 2015? The officials were fed heavily for taking that step because they too had the knowledge that Dr. Mahtani was immune to being arrested with regard to the case in which the charges were formed. Nevertheless, Zambia will soon lose one of its prized assets.

The True Owners of the Zambezi Portland Cement Factory are Here!

The Zambezi Portland Cement Factory is one of the biggest revenue generators for Ndola. Over the years, the ownership of this factory has remained in conflict because of its attractive revenue inflow. The two contestants for the ownership title are- the Finsbury Investment and the Ventriglia Family.


The Reason for conflict


As per the prevailing situation, the Ventriglia family is contesting that they are the actual owners of the Zambezi Portland Cement Factory and the Dr. Rajan Mahtani, had forged signature to steal the ownership from them.

However, as per the records of PACRA and other official sources, the Ventriglia family had themselves given the ownership of the ZPC to Finsbury Investments in a meeting held on November 25 2007.  Attached below is the copy of the document where the matter has been specifically mentioned and signed by both the parties.


Zambezi Portland Cement


Irrespective of the presence of this document, the Ventriglia family has refused to believe its authenticity and continue to claim the title of the owner as their thirst for money and power cannot be satisfied at the moment. The amount of conspiracy which they have hatched in recent time is highly alarming. They also went to the extent of getting Dr. Rajan Mahtani arrested on account of a criminal offense which was previously declared as ‘permanently closed’.