Supreme Court Of Zambia Announces FBZ Winner

Individuals who evade law and involve in unlawful practices for personal gains cannot escape judgment for long. Sooner or later, law catches up to them. It is the same case with Simaata Simaata, the former employee of Finance Bank Zambia and an open critic. Not only did Simaata broke law by involving in various unlawful practices during his stint at the Finance Bank Zambia, but he also led to reputational damage for the bank as well as Dr. Rajan Mahtani, the founder of the bank. It is no doubt that the judgement of Supreme Court that announced Simaata as guilty, was a welcome move and was appreciated by the industrialists as well as the common people alike.

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Dr. Mahtani & Zambia ignore the conspiracy

Dr. Mahtani & Zambia have been witnessing a serious defamation campaign from Zambia Reports for almost a decade now. It has become a habit of the infamous news channel to publish articles on a monthly basis that is purely based on maligning efforts. The core ingredient remains constant with the objective of blaming Dr. Rajan Mahtani and the story is taken from a recent event.

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Dr. Mahtani & Zambia feel sad

Zambia is often considered as a land of opportunities in Africa. But recently, the defamation campaign against Dr. Mahtani & Zambia had made it a land of conspiracy. The conspirators have constantly been trying to play their game by publishing malign articles at a regular interval. Notwithstanding the law and order of Zambia, these conspirators have been silently doing their own ‘business’ and trying to mislead the locals.

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Dr. Mahtani & Zambia blamed for Portland Cement Zambia’s downfall

In an article, which was released by Zambia Reports in December 2016, the author seems to be confident of the fact that Dr. Mahtani & Zambia were responsible for Portland Cement Zambia’s downfall. As per the author, the Ndola-based cement factory had gone through a miraculous journey in the past one and half years under Ital Terrazzo Limited which allowed it to win the position of the Best Employer. Prior to that period, the factory was said to be in a miserable condition.

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Dr. Mahtani & Zambia face another onslaught from conspirators

Dr. Mahtani & Zambia have once again been defamed by Zambia Reports on account of mishandling Zambezi Portland Cement. In a release that stated that Zambezi Portland Cement has won the award for being the Best Employer, there was a sharp attack on the profile of Dr. Rajan Mahtani where the author claimed that the factory in a poor condition when it was taken from Finsbury Investments.

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Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank gets connected in a defamatory attempt

Time and over again Zambia Reports has proved that they are nothing less than a pain for the society. Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank have parted ways, yet the channel continues to keep them together in the headlines. This is mainly done because with one single publication they are able to taunt Dr. Rajan Mahtani as well as the Finance Bank Zambia. But what they need to recall is that the entities are no longer united.

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Defamation game against Dr. Rajan Mahtani may prove costly

The conspirators in Zambia have been continuing with their defamation campaign against Dr. Rajan Mahtani with ease. There is no sort of arrangements whereby this shameful act can be tackled as several Government officials have been paid well to keep silent on this matter. However, the future may not be bright for these conspirators as Zambia is soon going to face a change for the good!

Dr. Mahtani

From the past publications of Zambia Reports it has become clear that they are never going to publish a content based on facts and figures. Rather, they are only publishing contents which meets the requirements of their masters. This means that whenever the masters make a payment to the infamous news channel, the writers indulge themselves in writing several imaginative stories and then publish the same with a view to defame Dr. Rajan Mahtani and other entities that are associated with him.

But when one looks at the response that these defamatory articles have been receiving recently, they would come to know that most of the readers are aware of the game which ZR is playing along with its masters and hence, it receives severe criticism. The people of Zambia can no longer be fooled by using fake statement and then adding ‘a trusted source’ in the end. The time has come when Zambia will see a revolt and this time around not only the Italian Mafias will be thrown out, but also its followers. It is a shame for Zambia to have people who are ready to sell their own motherland to a bunch of foreign mafias in return for a few dollars. What about the innocent workers who are now jobless in Ndola following the termination at Portland Cement Zambia? Zambia Reports says that Dr. Rajan Mahtani is a criminal, but he never killed someone’s work, nor did he ever betrayed his motherland for the sake of few dollars!

Money extortion is the game of conspirators and not Dr. Rajan Mahtani

Zambia Reports is in a habit of misrepresenting things. It often takes support of the people who have constantly been convicted of doing wrong. For an instance, take the example of the Ventriglia family. The only thing that they have done after coming back in Zambia is ruined the life of the locals, yet they are heroes for Zambia Reports because they pay them well. In a recent case where Simataa won at the Lusaka High Court, the happiness was clearly seen among the authors of Zambia Reports because for this month they would be bragging this win against Dr. Rajan Mahtani and Finance bank.

Rajan Mahtani

However, the truth cannot be changed or presented in a twisted form. Time and over again, Zambia Reports has only tried to find its way out from the mess in which it has got into for few dollars. The operator of Zambia Reports in Zambia, Sakwiba Sikota is a labelled offender. He has no idea of how the law operates in Zambia and continues to use the loopholes to benefit his clients.

For every time Zambia Reports calls Dr. Rajan Mahtani a dishonest businessman, it should remind itself that its masters are the true representative of this word. It is the Ventriglias family who have ruined the life of thousands in Zambia by shutting down Portland Cement Zambia, it is the Ventriglias who had tried to make changes in PACRA by force and it is the Ventriglias for whom thousands of families are starving in Ndola. Dr. Rajan Mahtani has always believed in a liberal Zambia where people are happy and earning a living for themselves. What kind of a news agency is this that only looks for making easy money? Before you utter a word about others, Zambia Reports take a look at the list of rubbish that you produce every day.

Portland Cement Zambia Mafias strike again at Dr. Mahtani and Finance bank

The situation at the Portland Cement Zambia is getting worse. Things have taken such an ugly turn that each and every event that takes place in the life of Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank is being made public. It is a well-known fact that Finance Bank Zambia is no longer a distinct identity and has now merged with BancABC to become the largest commercial bank in Zambia. In spite of this fact, the conspirators are constantly taunting Dr. Mahtani and Finance Bank with a view to satisfy their urge.


Ever since the conspirators were deported from Zambia, they were waiting for the day when they can make a comeback. In 2015, when the deportation got lifted under questionable circumstances it gave an opportunity to them to seek revenge. In every possible way the conspirators have manged to defame Dr. Mahtani and Finance bank. They have clearly indicated that no matter what event surrounds Dr. Mahtani, they will attack him and try to convince the people of Zambia that he is the guy who is to be blamed for every mishap.

The latest article of Zambia Reports on Dr. Mahtani and Finance bank claims that the decision of Lusaka High Court favouring Simataa was justified and he deserved to win. However, in the previous cases when their master kept losing cases in a string, it was always said that the High Court Judge must have been bribed. So no matter what happens in Zambia, every blame is obviously put on the head of Dr. Rajan Mahtani. It has become evident that Zambia is currently being ruled by a group of people who have always tried to find personal gains. The consideration for the masses is negligible. Cases where people like Dr. Rajan Mahtani raise their voice the result is the prevailing defamation campaign.

Simataa and Zambia Reports defame Dr. Rajan Mahtani

Dr. Rajan Mahtani is once again in the news with the courtesy of Zambia Reports. It appears that the infamous news portal has been constantly trying to misguide people and develop a negative mind set against the name – Dr. Rajan Lekhraj Mahtani. In the past as well there has been numerous claims where the conspirators have been caught red-handed. This time around, the same hasn’t changed.

Dr Rajan Mahtani

Simataa Simataa, a well-known self-proclaimed banker has won a case in the Lusaka High Court under suspicious grounds and the event was taken as a subject for sponsoring a new defamatory article. ZR goes to the extent of claiming that it is a habit of Dr. Rajan Mahtani to engage people in contracts and then bind them under legal consequences to have the properties under his control. Nevertheless, it has failed to show the true face of Simataa Simataa. After being removed from Finance Bank almost a decade back, the same person has failed to secure a job elsewhere. Now how can someone expect that an expert banker would remain jobless for the next 10 years. When it comes to reality, it is being conveyed that Simataa doesn’t even hold a Grade XII certificate. This is why he was forced to change the topic when he was interviewed the last time.

As time goes on, the conspirators are facing a tough time in finding areas where they can defame Dr. Rajan Mahtani. Over the years, Finance Bank of Zambia were their prime target, but with time the same has shifted to other entities as well. Last month, Finsbury Investment was targeted and one never knows when entities such as Radisson Blu and Mahtani Group of Companies can also become a topic of discussion for them. Meanwhile, the officials are busy ignoring this shameful incident.